From the album Pleasant Street

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Written and performed by Dwayne Haggins


Where have all the shoes stores gone
Gated up in a vacant light
Reduced to forgotten blight
Now it's just a foot massage parlor
And now a lonely cold phalange bone
Where are my diamonds from a brand unknown
Sparkling halos over top my toes
The man with a folded tongue will always reap what he sows

New York city bring back the shoe stores
You've gone off and become a whore
And no no I'm not talking bout' a Gucci store

Where have all the shoe stores gone (x4)

Shop man saving up for a starship of his own
But the city threw him out and said you have no worth
Gentrification of the Earth
Now left in it's place, a T-Mobile store
And in time all of our footwear dime
Will be thrown into a black hole, monopoly should be a crime
I won't buy, no I'll just go
Start a revolution, wanna join me, let me know