1. D.W.T.

From the album Heavenly Rose

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Dwayne Haggins - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Baxter Hall - Electric Guitar
Brook Meggs - Electric Guitar
Will Woyda - Bass
Jahnu - Drums


You're after the wrong man
You folks should be ashamed
That train will roll around the bend
I'll see you in the end
Run and tuck your tail on the devils welcome trail

I can smell the smoke
And hear that lonesome whistle blow
The coal is burning fast
There's a rumble on the tracks
Unless that train derails we're on the devils welcome trail

I wanted the head of Sam
With crooked ways he blinds our eyes
Well come on Mr. sheriff man
You gotta try to understand
Please just set my bail and avoid the devils welcome trail

What's become of man
Running roughshod all over this land
Well I'm ready to shake his hand
Be his right hand man
The land from which we hail is now the devils welcome trail