1. Heavenly Rose

From the album Heavenly Rose

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Dwayne Haggins - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Baxter Hall - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar


When I've taken my last breath and my name's on a stone
Will I lay in sadness because the life I lived is gone
Or will I take this time away to kiss a heavenly rose
Roses bright and beautiful on the shores of my new home

Sunny days and starry nights with sidewalks paved in gold
Walking down the boulevard listening to stories told
About the lives we all once lived, the highs and all the lows
No more sorrow beyond these gates we must kiss the heavenly rose

White doves soaring over head singing songs on hope
Delicate sounds that sooth the soul and help us all to cope
Cleansing of the soul helps ward off evils that tear us apart
Even in our brand new homes we must hydrate our hearts

When I've taken my last breath and my names on a stone
I'll lay here peacefully awaiting my new home
I'll travel miles and miles along these winding angel roads
All to have eternal peace and kiss the heavenly rose