From the album Pleasant Street

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Written and performed by Dwayne Haggins


All through my life, I've wondered this very thing
Would sorrow show through
and would I be lonesome and blue
But no no not the case
The sun shines through all the same
They ask if I've cried, no not even a sigh and I don't know who's to blame

But my hand to god, a grudge I don't hold
The stories you told
We knew how they'd go, they start to grow old
And I'm told I would frown
The sun shines when you ain't around
Mother would cry but thankfully for me she had a backup smile

Because you were a strange
Stranger to me
All of these tears I'd cry, now I will keep
Stranger to me

A call on the phone
It's been so long
Son how's it been, I hope it's been sweet
May I take this empty seat
But in time was too late
You think you have light until it's all snatched away
Ending each call with I love you and I'd say goodbye and ok