From the album Pleasant Street

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Written and performed by Dwayne Haggins


I travel to find my home
Trying to find my home but my home don't come
Staring down the barrel of life's loaded gun
And I try my best to be bulletproof, to protect my sun
I wonder through the dark
The darkness of my life eats up my soul
New embers grow from the fire that burns the coal
And with each day I'm trying to keep the flames under control

And I try to run away, try to run away
But Gwyn The Lord of Cinder has not slain his fire breathing prey

Does no one care whether or not we're dead
Sleepless nights not knowing where we'll lay our heads
Empty promises, not knowing lies were said
But tough times don't last for long, so lightly we tread

And I try to run away, watch me run away
To reach a better place, in a better day
But now when evil comes, well now I've learned to pray