From the album Pleasant Street

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Written and performed by Dwayne Haggins


There was a house on a mountain (x2)
Daddy run off in search of that brand new bag of songs
Told mamma and the babies you won't have to fend for long

Through these winter nights, cold and in the snow
Through these winter nights, with no money to show
Firewood's running low
Will we make it through baby I don't know
Daddy is gonna be home soon, just 90 miles to go

A fire burned but not in the home (x2)
He had his blinders on
Solely focused on his bag of songs
Mamma said take your time traveling back on your 90 mile long road

What good is love with out a hand to hold (x2)
She starts to think it over
The snow ain't the reason this house is cold
While you're bagging your songs we packed our bags to go

There was a house on a mountain
There was a house atop Clinch Mountain
90 Miles home
Daddy brought back his new bag of songs
Honey I'm home slowly echoed through his silent home