From the album Pleasant Street

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Written and performed by Dwayne Haggins


Before I go out at night I splash paint on my face
A little splash of paint to cover up the disgrace
This disgrace I feel on my face, I feel every day
And I feel it in every way
So I try to sing my blues away

Pouring my heart out to the kings and queens in these thankless halls
I dance my little jig and then they wave me off
And my reward is small
Man what I'd give to be the belle of the ball

The beautiful ones get all the praise and lord I know I'm an afterthought
I feel my jig is just as good as the rest but
Lord I know a scarlet I am not
And I can only take the pain for so long, I'm no juggernaut

Yes and I roll because I'm just a mule
And that's just what you get when you live the life of a fool

Maybe I'ts time I turn in my hat
Ringin and jinglin goes the bell on it
And these tears of mine have made tracks through the paint
And now these tears of a saint have run their course
The kings and the queens will never understand a jesters remorse