1. In Hell I Am

From the album Pleasant Street

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Written and performed by Dwayne Haggins


I committed a sin this morning
For 13 years he's been asking for it
I don't know what happened I think I blacked out
And I came to when I heard my mama shout

Oh in hell I am
His blood is on my hands
Maybe the gun should have been on me
Oh in hell I am

Last night he put his hands on mama
She cried and cried as he beat on her
I ran upstairs and got his gun
And I'd make sure he wouldn't live to see the morning sun


Mama said how could you kill my man
Mama I try to help the best I can
She kicked me out and said you're good as dead
Oh in hell I am


Life has it's way of rocking your boat
Dump you in the water when you can't float
And in my hand is my daddy's gun
And just like him I won't live to see the morning sun

Oh in hell I am
And I'll walk down the fiery stairs
I'll shake Mr. Lucifer's hand
Oh in hell I am