From the album Dwayne Haggins EP

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Come on everybody let's gather 'round
I got a song for you and I'm sure it won't put you down
It's a song about nothing and yeah I mean nothing at all
It's a lyrical mess spiraling down to a fall
It's a song about all people and how we die
and if we're lucky we'll hitch a ride up to the sky
They say up there there's a man with a long gray beard
An invisible man who people say should be revered

It's a song about how my guitar needs new strings
It's a song about how we'd be in trouble if pigs had wings
Flying overhead shitting on all of us
Chemtrails in the sky put there by the government
It's a song about the country music on the radio
Beer, big trucks, dirt roads, you know how it goes
It's a song about showing love by buying her a ring
It's a song about how some countries still have kings

Chuh ching the money rings cuz it's all about making the cake
Meanwhile we're talking monkeys in space for goodness sake
We could be living in a virtual reality
It's a song about I don't know, it beats the hell out of me.