Dwayne Haggins (Band)

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The Music Hall, 28 Chestnut St, Portsmouth, NH

Tickets on sale 5/5 !

This event is outside on Chestnut Street. Facilities are in the Historic Theater. Drop-off is on the corner of Chestnut and Porter Street.

Capacity in the lower lobby (bathroom access) is limited to 10 people at a time. Anytime patrons are not seated at their tables, masks are to be worn. All staff and volunteers will be in masks and taking safety precautions for fellow staff members and our patrons. Each table is exclusive to the ticket buyer. No tables are shared.

This event has 2 sets 6pm-7pm 8pm-9pm

$60 for a small table (2 person limit) $120 for a medium table (4 person limit) $180 for a large table (6 person limit)